Educational Content

Informational articles, reports, and resources covering a wide range of human rights issues, principles, and historical context.

Legal Documentation

Human rights websites often provide legal resources to help users understand the legal framework underpinning human rights protections.

Case Studies and Reports

In-depth case studies, reports, and analyses that highlight specific instances of human rights violations or successes.

Advocacy and Action Tools

Tools and resources can include online petitions, letter-writing campaigns, and social media toolkits to mobilize individuals in support of specific human rights causes.

What We Offer

We typically offers a range of services and resources aimed at promoting and protecting human rights. These services may include:

Legal Information and Advice

Providing comprehensive information on national and international human rights laws.

Case Reporting and Support

Offering support and guidance for individuals seeking assistance with their cases.

Education and Awareness Programs

Developing and hosting educational materials on human rights principles and issues.

Helpline and Counseling Services

Providing a helpline for individuals in immediate need of assistance due to human rights violations.

Research and Documentation

Creating a database of documented human rights violations for reference and advocacy purposes.

Community Forums and Networking

Hosting online forums or discussion platforms for individuals to share experiences and information.

Who We Are

Human Rights and Social Welfare Council (HRSW) is an autonomous, voluntary, non-governmental, non-discriminatory and non-profit organization aiming to uphold, protect and enforce the human rights of alienated and marginalized communities in India and abroad for an equitable society.

The Human Rights and Social Welfare Council works consistently to advocate the ‘Human Rights’ of citizens in India and abroad. Headquartered in New Delhi, Human Rights and Social Welfare Council works with a global focus with its partners in many countries for advocating human rights of individuals.

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